We reveal the cheapest car insurer in your state

Your Information is Secure And Never Traded (VA, TN and MS only for now)

how does it work ?

You submit your profile and tell us what level of coverage you're looking for. We run your profile with several insurers who we think would give the best price. Within 1 business day we email you name of the winning insurance company along with their price. It's free and we share your email with only one insurer (the winner). You will not be bombarded with unwanted sales calls. We don't sell your information. Read more ...


There are 3 ways to shop for insurance today. 1. Get a quote from one insurer. 2. Get a quote from several providers at the same time (through an independent agent). 3. Submit your personal information to a company that promises you better rates but all it does is sells it to random insurers. We want to change this and create one more way of purchasing insurance by running your data through an analytical center (Outsura) that will tell you (for free) which insurer will provide you the best price. Read more ...

WHY did we create it?

Because this is the only way to shop for insurance that makes sense in our opinion. You submit your profile along with your current coverage and price, we tell you which insurance company will provide you the best price.


We're testing our business model at the moment. Our goal to prove that we can leverage our analytical skills and the network of insurance agents to find customers better rates and beat any other way of finding better rates. After we accomplish this task, our plan is to find a way to monetize the value that we create. And besides that helping people saving money is fun!

Contact Module

Send us email at info@outsura.com or you can call us at (804) 313 93 77, (9 am - 6 pm EST please)